Hair color Blue
Eye color Black
Gender Male
Powers and abilites Bravery, adventurous heart
First appearance The Brave Little Tailor
Played by Hubertus von Lerchenfeld
I am Yoyo, the greatest adventurer since well, ever.

Yoyo is the main character of SimsalaGrimm series. He is a blue coyote and the greatest adventurer since ever. Yoyo, with Doc Croc, travels the world with the magical book and helps people to solve their problems or at least inspires them.

Physical Appearance

Yoyo is a coyote/dormouse hybrid animal. He has a sky blue fur. Although he's an animal, he has many human characteristics such as talking, thinking, behaving and moving like a human. He wears red hat piece with bells on his head and a small red cape around his shoulders.


Yoyo is a good character, but kind of nippy and stubborn. He doesn't like to listen to others or do what they say. He likes to have a lot of fun and has an adventurous personality. However, he loves to help people but not in the way Doc Croc does it (slower and more calculative). He jumps right into the action. Perhaps his greatest characteristic is that he never gives up.


The Brave Little Tailor

Season one

Yoyo is on the mission with Doc Croc to help tailor to fight many villains in order to get princess Elisabeth's hand.

Tom Thumb

Season one

Yoyo and Doc Croc are helping Tom Thumb to overcome his fears of being a small person. ===Yoyo and Doc Croc are helping Hansel and his sister Gretel to get home after their stepmother left them in the woods.

The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids

Season one

Yoyo and Doc Croc are keeping kids from the wolf and teaching them until their mother comes home.

The Devil's Three Golden Hairs

Season one

Yoyo and Doc Croc are helping Casper to get devil's three golden hairs in order to get princess' hand.

The Six Servants

Season one

Alongside six servants Yoyo and Doc Croc, entourage, are helping the prince to solve the tasks that the queen gave to him.


  • Yoyo is a symbol of a yo-yo - a toy that contains two circles that are centered from top to bottom, which means that Yoyo is childish and adventurous.
  • Yoyo is actually a toy that at every start of the episode gets turned into the alive person.
  • In every episode, he stops Doc Croc when he is trying to say all of his professions.
  • In The Master Thief, he revealed that he was a cowboy.

Voice actors

The voice actor of Yoyo is German actor Hubertus von Lerchenfeld. He also gives voices to other guest stars in other episodes of SimsalaGrimm.

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