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Tom Thumb (episode)
Episode 2
Airdate November 2, 1999
Directed By Chris Doyle
Previous Episode The Brave Little Tailor
Next Episode Hansel and Gretel

Tom Thumb (in German: Der Däumling) is the episode two of season one of SimsalaGrimm series.


This time Magical book throws Yoyo and Doc Croc on a teeter that some children played on. Then the two children don't want to hang out with Yoyo and Doc Croc so they start to laugh, but then Tom shows up and children are surprised at first, but later they laugh at him because he is just as tall as a thumb. The children are still mocking to the thumb, but Croc took out some scary mask and gave it to Yoyo who shows it to them. The children are gone now. Tom Thumb thanked them and asked him to stay with his family. They agreed and went to eat the dinner. Yoyo and Croc were telling Tom and his family about the wizard they defeated in other adventure, then Tom wished that he could do the same. Even though they are little, Tom said that they could be like three musketeers. The next morning, they woke up and went to swim in barrels, but Tom falls into a well accidentally. Croc pulled him with a rope and thank God, Tom was alive.

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Tom Thumb on a big horse


The cow that accidently swallowed Tom.

Cast & CharactersEdit

Yoyo Hubertus von Lerchenfeld
Doc Croc Jörg Stuttmann
Magical book Bert Franzke
Tom Thumb Dorothea Riemer
Woman Spotted Woodpecker Julia Haacke
Crook 1 Tonio von der Meden
Crook 2 Burchard Dabinnus
Girl (Tom Thumb) Michele Tichawsky
Mother mouse Eva Maria Bayerwaltes


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Notes/trivia Edit

  • In the original story of Tom Thumb, the cow that swallowed him was killed by the host family because they thought that the cow was possessed by the devil.

In Other Languages Edit

  • German: Der Däumling
  • Croatian: Palčić
  • Romanian: Tom Degetel
  • Polish: Tomcio Paluszek
  • French: Tom Pouce
  • Finnish: Pekka Peukaloinen

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