The Master Thief
Episode 7
Airdate November 9, 1999
Directed By Chris Doyle
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The Master Thief (German: Der Meisterdieb) is the seventh episode of season one of SimsalaGrimm. It is based on Norwegian fairy tale The Master Thief.

Plot Edit

The book threw Doc Croc and Yoyo on somebody's carriage. They saw the guy who was with somebody that was riding the carriage so fast they could barely clung onto it. Inside it were two women, a young and older. The younger was a servant to the other. Then the coachman, who wasn't one, stopped the carriage and tied the other man in the rope. He told the older woman that he was the master thief and that was robbery. He charmed the two women and stole their jewelry. Later all their gold. Then Yoyo showed up and told him that he couldn't just rob all these people. Then he took both Yoyo and Doc Croc with him thinking he could sell them. Later they slept in the forest and he was thinking of a girl he met. He freed Yoyo and Doc Croc because they told him they can be his help. Then he decided to teach them the basics of thievery. They went to countess' castle to find Marie and give her back the ring. Then as they tried to escape because somebody was coming in the room they didn't because a man stopped thief and told his wife that it was Henry, his lost godson. But countess recognized him and told the husband about the jewelry and they called the guards.

The other day countess wanted him to be punished, but the count thought differently. Still he was his godson and he was worried about what would people think and wanted to set him a task. But the countess said that three or none. If he couldn't fulfill them he would die. The first task was to steal horse.

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In Other Languages Edit

  • Romanian: Comandantul hoț
  • French: Le maître voleur
  • Italian: Il re dei ladri
  • Polish: Złodziej nad złodziejami
  • Dutch: De meesterdief
  • Russian: Искусный вор
  • Hungarian: Tolvajok királya
  • Bulgarian: Ловкият крадец
  • Finnish: Mestarivaras

Quotes Edit

"You don't need all these jewelry for you to shine as long as you have... The beauty like this by your side." -Thief

"Speaking of circuses maybe I can sell the two of you to some traveling show." -Thief

"Kinda nottie of me to take her ring." -Thief; "Nottie, but not nice." -Yoyo

"You know what, if you don't stop him he goes like this all day." -Yoyo on Doc Croc's introduction

"Well, I'm staying! This adventure's too cool to pass up!" -Yoyo to Doc Croc

"I hope you know what you're doing..." -Doc Croc; Yoyo: "Me? Never!"

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