The Blind Witch
Birthname Unknown
Species Witch
Hair color Grey
Eye color Brown
Gender Female
Reason to Appear She wants to eat Hansel and Gretel
Occupation Unknown
First appearance Hansel and Gretel
Played by Unknown

The Blind Witch is the villian and guest star of season one, episode three, Hansel and Gretel.

Physical Appearance Edit

She was an overweight old lady with grizzle hair and has one tooth out of her mouth. She also had a big nose and connected eyebrows. She wore purple witch hat and purple dress with brown apron. Also brown shoes and was dressed just like a poor lady. She was blind as well, but not completely since she saw that Doc Croc is a small creature.

Personality Edit

She lives in a candie house. She is evil and wants to eat Hansel and Gretel so, she made them feel like they are at home (cooked some soup, made them baths and bed). Then she tried to make Hansel fatter by making him eat some meat. She also turned Doc Croc as her Bear servant.

History Edit

Hansel and Gretel Edit

Season one Edit

She wants to eat Hansel and Gretel. By Gretel tricking her going in the oven, she is destroyed and all her spells break.


Using Doc Croc as her Bear servant.

Appearances Edit

  • Also in season 3 episode 6 The three little pigs appears a witch who has same looking candy house as the Blind Witch had. She is very unlikely the same witch, because she is younger and she didn't recognize Yoyo and Doc Croc.