Season one
Premiere air date November 1, 1999
Premiere episode The Brave Little Tailor
Finale air date November 17, 1999
Finale Brother and Sister
Running time 25 min
Episodes 13
Previous season None
Next season Season two
Production credits
Cast Hubertus von Lerchenfeld, Bert Franzke, Jörg Stuttmann
Music Harry Schnitzler, Jens Busch, Karsten Sahling
Opening theme SimsalaGrimm opening theme
Composers Unknown
Production company(s) GreenLight Media Productions
Created by Unknown
Developed by Unknown
Producers Gerhard Hahn
Directors Chris Doyle
Writers Klaus Döring, Marlies Kerremans, Michael Mädel
Casting Unknown
Voice director Unknown
Original network Kika TV
Distributors Unknown

Season one is the first season of German TV series SimsalaGrimm. It first aired on November 1, 1999 with The Brave Little Tailor and ended on November 13, 1999 with Brother and Sister.

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The following credits are shown at the start and end of each episode of SimsalaGrimm.

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  • DVD and CD releases are mostly released with two episodes from two different seasons, except for season three CDs and DVDs.

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