Rapunzel is the eight episode of season one of German animated TV series SimsalaGrimm. It is based on a German folk fairy tale which was collected by the brothers Grimm.

Plot Edit

The book drops Yoyo and Doc Croc under an enormous tower in the middle of a forest. Then, they meet a prince who quiets them and shows them Rapunzel, "the most beautiful creature in the world". She appears on the top of the tower on the balcony and sings a song and everyone is delighted, even forest animals. The prince reveals that he comes there every day just to see her, but can't visit her because he can't find a front door.

The next morning, Rapunzel appears again on the balcony and Yoyo pushes the prince out of the trees. He is about to present himself as Prince Egmond, but an old lady appears and says: "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair." and the girl lets her enormously long hair down the tower so the woman could climb. Once she is in the tower she teaches Rapunzel how to do magic which shows that she is a sorcerer. She was supposed to turn a mouse into a spider, but she had turned him into a squirrel instead accidentally. The old lady's name was Gothel. She tries to explain to her that she doesn't want to be a sorcerer, but Gothel wouldn't listen.

Once she leaves, Yoyo, Doc Croc and Egmond try to call her and she finally meets the prince. After a small talk, Rapunzel lets her hair down and they all climb to the tower. She tells them that she has never seen a man or her parents in ten years.