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Queen of Upper Inclavia
Name Unknown
Species Witch
Hair color Not shown
Eye color Black
Gender Female
Powers and abilites Magic
Occupation Queen
First appearance The Six Servants
Played by Unknown
You're aware that before her hand may be granted, you will have to prove your worth with a task.
Queen of Upper Inclavia to Prince of Lower Shavaria

Queen of Upper Inclavia was the villain of season one, episode six The Six Servants.

Physical Appearance Edit

She was described as middle-aged woman, she had long shaped face with pointy chin. Her eyes were black with dark greenish eye shadow and dark eyebrows. She had pointy nose and her lips were purple. She was dressed into long dress with greenish features and sleeves. She also had hood on her head.

Personality Edit

She was selfish, smart and evil. She was giving tasks to her daughter's suitors so she would never get marry because if she had gotten married she would lose her crown because her late husband said in his will that on princess' wedding day the crown belongs to her. She was also powerful with magic.

Voice actors Edit

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In Other Languages Edit

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History Edit

The Six Servants Edit

Season one Edit

She was giving challenges to the prince who was trying to get her daughter's hand.

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