Queen (The Devil's Three Golden Hairs)
Hair color Not shown
Eye color Dark brown
Gender Female
Powers and abilites None
First appearance The Devil's Three Golden Hairs
Played by Unknown
Queen is a supporting character in season one's episode The Devil's Three Golden Hairs.

Physical Appearance Edit

She has full lips, pretty dark brown eyes and brown eyebrows. She is fully dressed. She has dark purplish dress with pale blue sleeves that also cover her head where is hair supposed to be. She also has dark bluish necklace-like on her neck connected with the dress and crown that matches with colors of her dress.

Personality Edit

She seems like a feminist of her time because she said that her daughter is the only one who can choose who she is going to marry with.

History Edit

The Devil's Three Golden Hairs Edit

Season one Edit

She receives a king's letter about Casper.

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