Queen's servant 2
Name Unknown
Species Human
Hair color Auburn
Eye color Black
Gender Male
Powers and abilites None
Occupation Servant
First appearance The Devil's Three Golden Hairs
Played by Unknown

Queen's servant 2 is the supporting character of season one, episode five The Devil's Three Golden Hairs.

Physical Appearance Edit

She has auburn hair color tied in two pigtails as buns. She is dressed into blue dress and pink uniform underneath it. She has a fan that she is waving herself with.

Personality Edit

There is no much shown about this character. She just stands next to the royal seats and is surprised when queen reads letter that says Casper has to marry princess.

History Edit

The Devil's Three Golden Hairs Edit

Season one Edit

He stands there when queen reads surprising letter.

Show Appearances Edit

Season one (1/13) Edit

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