Princess of Upper Inclavia
Name Unknown
Species Human
Hair color Red
Eye color Black
Gender Female
Powers and abilites None
Occupation Princess
First appearance The Six Servants
Played by Unknown

Princess of Upper Inclavia is a supporting character of season one, episode six The Six Servants.

Physical Appearance

She has been described as the most beautiful maiden under the sun. She has slim build, but also curvy. She has greenish long princess dress. Of accessorizes she has golden crown that goes under her bangs and golden necklace as well. She has red hair and black eyes.


She is kind and nice person, but also knows how to stand up for herself. Unfortunately, she doesn't have the power like her mother so she couldn't marry somebody without her permission. She is also miserable and wants to get married so hard for the prince.


The Six Servants

Season one

She is the princess that the prince is trying to marry by completing tasks that the queen gave him.


Princess under Queen's spell.

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Season one (1/13)

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