Birthname Unknown
Species Human
Hair color Ginger
Eye color Grey
Gender Female
Powers and abilities None
Occupation Princess
First appearance The Devil's Three Golden Hairs
Played by Unknown

Princess is supporting character in season one, episode five The Devil's Three Golden Hairs. She is love interest of Casper.

Physical Appearance Edit

She has long ginger hair with bangs on the sides and big grey eyes. She has long eyebrows and thick lips. She has slim figure and is dressed into green dress with dark red features. She also has gold small crown and necklace.

Personality Edit

She is kind, nice and polite person. She is in love with Casper and is afraid that he won't come back from hell.

History Edit

The Devil's Three Golden Hairs Edit

Season one Edit

She is a princess that Casper will marry if he comes back with the devil's three golden hairs.

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