Sleeping Princess

Princess (Sleeping Beauty)

Princess (Sleeping Beauty)
Hair color Red orange
Eye color Green
Gender Female
Sleeping Beauty is the main character from the simsala grimm episode sleeping beauty and based on the brothers grimm fairytale.


Bianca tells yo-yo and doc croc all about what happened after sleeping beauty was born,Bianca was to be the gurdian fairy of the newborn princess and everyone of importants was invited to the christening, everyone that is expect the evil fairy gargona, when she showed up at the castle, she cursed the princess on her 17th birthday she would prick her finger on a spindle and fall down dead,but the good fairy lessned it's power by saying the girl will not die when she pricks her finger but fall asleep but when the princess pricks her finger on her 17th birthday her sleep will have to last 100 years and so the child became a little girl and eventually grew into a teenager but she was a curious creature and sure enough on her 17th birthday, sleeping beauty went expolering in the castle tower where the evil gargona was waiting when she pricked her finger she fell asleep and at the end of the episode the prince woke her up with a kiss and the whole castle woke up too.