Mother goat
Hair color Light yellow
Eye color Brown
Gender Female
Powers and abilites Being a good mother
First appearance The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids
Played by Marion Hartmann
While I'm away, nobody open the door. Is that clear?
Mother to her kids

Mother goat or Heidi is the mother of of seven little goats from episode four, season one, The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids.

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She has light yellow hair and pink hat. She wears orange dress with yellow sweater. She has brown eyes and is a goat.


Mother goat with the youngest goat going to save the other kids.

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She is kind, but strict mother and is just trying to protect them from the wolf. After the wolf ate six kids she went to save them with Doc Croc and Yoyo by cutting wolf's belly.

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The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids Edit

Season one Edit

She is trying to protect her children from the big bad wolf.

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