King of Lower Shavaria
Name Unknown
Species Human
Hair color Ginger
Eye color Black
Gender Male
Powers and abilites None
Occupation King
First appearance The Six Servants
Played by Unknown

King of Lower Shavaria is a supporting character of season one, episode six The Six Servants.

Physical Appearance Edit

He is short and overweight older man. He has ginger hair and beard. His head is oval shaped. He wears yellow shirt, red pants, brown short boots and blue cape. He also wears golden crown.

Personality Edit

He is caring and loving father, but also protective one. He locked his son because he wanted to go to Upper Inclavia and claim for princess' hand by the queen.

History Edit

The Six Servants Edit

Season one Edit

He is the father of main character, the prince who is trying to protect the prince, but fails.

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Season one (1/13) Edit

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