Jörg Stuttmann
Synchro reitbacher joerg
Birthname Jörg Stuttmann
Hair color Brown/grey
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Occupation Voice actor/actor
Date of Birth March 22, 1959
Homeland Germany

Jörg Stuttmann (born March 22, 1959 in Augsburg, Germany) is german actor, voice actor, speaker and artist commentator. He is known primarily as a German voice actor of many anime and other series. Stuttmann also worked as a voice for the Augsburg Puppet Theatre. Stuttmann is versatile active, so he recited on different readings among others already Poetry of Bertolt Brecht and Wilhelm Busch (series "Night Reading", Augsburg, 2006), by Jack Kerouac, Friedrich Schiller (Title: "Schiller lures - And flies eternally the! arrow into my heart "), Christian Morgenstern (" morning star in the evening "), Eugen Roth and Heinrich Heine (2006).

Voice RolesEdit

  • South Park (TV Series), since 1997: Eric Cartman
  • South Park: The Movie - bigger, longer, uncut (Film), 1999: Eric Cartman
  • SimsalaGrimm (TV Series), 1999/2000/2010: Doc Croc
  • Derrick – Dutty Calls (TV): The thick Frank
  • Hellsing (OVA): Enrico Maxwell, in Episode 1 also the inspector
  • Noir (TV): Jean-Jacques Le Grand, Mr. Hammond
  • Candidate for Goddess (TV), 1999/2000: Dean / Yamagi Kushida
  • Captain Buzz Lightyear – Star Command (Disney-Film), 2000: Grubs
  • The Cool Gear (Fresh feat. Eric Cartman (Jörg Stuttmann)) 2010
  • Lilalu in Schepperland (TV Series), 2000–2001: Ullox
  • Basilisk (Anime): Jingoro

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