Goat one
Hair color White
Eye color Black
Gender Female
Powers and abilites None
First appearance The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids
Played by Julia Haake

Goat one is the youngest goat of the goat family. She appears in season one's episode The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids.

Physical Appearance Edit

She has white hair and is a goat. She has yellow shirt and green leaves look-alike skirt. She also wears brown shoes.

Personality Edit

She is nice and kind goat, but naive. She is also childish, but the least of her siblings. She followed the butterfly in the woods, but forgot about the wolf. She also opened the door when she thought it was mother, but it wasn't.

History Edit

The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids Edit

Season one Edit

She accidentally opened the door thinking it was mother, but it was the Big bad wolf. Before that she played with the butterfly in the woods and forgot that there was a wolf. She also answered correctly Doc Croc's question of apples.

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Notes/trivia Edit

  • Alongside her other siblings and the mother her name is unknown.
  • Doc Croc incorrectly calls her "he".

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