Name Ferryman
Species Human
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Powers and abilites Can't get out of the boat
Occupation Ferryman
First appearance The Devil's Three Golden Hairs
Played by Unknown

Ferryman is a supporting character in episode five of season one, The Devil's Three Golden Hairs. He is a ferryman on the river that leads to hell.

Physical Appearance Edit

He seems like a middle-aged man with light brown straight short hair that has long bangs that cover his eyes. He has big, wide nose and long light brown mustache. He is dressed into poor clothes. Brown shirt, beige vest with brown tiny belt, green pants and dark blue boots.

Personality Edit

He is good man, but there is no much information about him. The only known thing about him personally is that he can't get out of his boat.

History Edit

The Devil's Three Golden Hairs Edit

Season one Edit

He is ferryman that transported Casper, Doc Croc and Yoyo through the river.

Show Appearances Edit

Season one (1/13) Edit

  • The Devil's Three Golden Hairs

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