Father giant
Name Unknown
Species Giant
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark brown
Gender Male
Powers and abilites He is strong
Occupation Unknown
First appearance The Brave Little Tailor
Played by Gerd Wieden Mayrhofen

Father giant is villian and guest star of few episodes of season one.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is big fat giant with only three hairs on his head and a lot of moles and nipples, he has big nose and lips and only two teeth. He is dressed in poor clothes that is also vast for him.


He is father of young giant that was the first one that started destroying the town. He was second challenge given by king to tailor, also it was his wife with him. They were defeated by tailor, Doc Croc and Yoyo when they were on tree and started to shoot them with pine fruit.

Voice Actors Edit

Gerd Wieden Mayrhofen gave him voice in German original version.

Other languages Edit

Polish: Włodzimierz Bednarski


The Brave Little TailorEdit

Season OneEdit

He is second challenge to tailor by king. He got beated by tailor just like his challenges before and later.

The Six Servants Edit

Season one Edit

He appears in a flashback when the king is talking to his son about queen's challenges.


Giant in The Six Servants

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