Devil's grandmother
Name Unknown
Species Might be a
Hair color Grizzle
Eye color Dark brown
Gender Female
Powers and abilites Magic
Occupation None
First appearance The Devil's Three Golden Hairs
Played by Unknown
Although all I enjoy is cooking and once upon a time I used to enjoy solving difficult riddles.
Grandmother to Yoyo, Doc Croc and Casper
Devil's grandmother is a supporting character in season one, episode five The Devil's Three Golden Hairs.

Physical Appearance

She has wider size and is dressed into dark blue dress and light brown apron. She has pointed ears and eyebrows. She has grizzle hair and wears glasses and small orange earrings as well.


She is wicked and smart. She likes to cook and she loves riddles. She seems like a strict grandmother because she blackmailed devil if he didn't throw the garbage, she wouldn't make him poison ivy pudding.


The Devil's Three Golden Hairs

Season one

Yoyo, Doc Croc and Casper made her the riddles that she was supposed to solve.

Show Appearances

Season one (1/13)

Other Appearances


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