Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Gender Male
Powers and abilites Many, but none is said in the series
First appearance The Devil's Three Golden Hairs
Played by Unknown
What? These three simple riddles you couldn't solve...
Devil to his grandmother
Devil is supporting character and villain of season one's episode The Devil's Three Golden Hairs.

Physical Appearance Edit

He is tall and huge. He has brown hair and black eyes. He also has red horns, long tail, big ears and hooves. His teeth are really sharp and big, too. He also has dark brown gloves like and is dressed into long red shirt with brown belt.

Personality Edit

He might be a bad person, but he was actually very kind and sweet when he was with his grandmother. Even though it was all about him in the episode he didn't do a lot of things.

History Edit

The Devil's Three Golden Hairs Edit

Season one Edit

He is the devil that Casper needs to take three golden hairs from.

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Notes/trivia Edit

  • He looks more like some forest animal than the devil.
  • He does look more of troll in some pictures in the original story.

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