Castle (The Brave Little Tailor)
Location Town in The Brave Little Tailor
Owned by Princess Elisabeth and king
First appearance The Brave Little Tailor

It's the castle that tailor, Yoyo and Doc Croc visited when they saved the town from the giants. The castle belongs to king and his daughter, princess Elisabeth.

Physical AppearanceEdit

It's the castle with pointy roofs and a lot of towers. It also has board that connects castle with land, because it's some water under it. It also has a lot of grass that grows on it. In the inside it also has big red carpet to the king and princess' seat. It has green floor and yellow walls.


The Brave Little TailorEdit

Season OneEdit

In The Brave Little Tailor, tailor, Doc Croc and Yoyo go to the castle because the princess told her dad, the king, that they beated the young giant. Before that old man and woman told the princess about tailor's win.