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Brother and Sister

|number = 13|airdate = November 17, 1999|director = Chris Doyle|previous = Puss in Boots|next = The Bremen Town Musicians}}Brother and Sister (German:Brüderchen und Schwesterchenis) is the 13th episode of season one of animated series SimsalaGrimm.

Plot Edit

Doc and Yoyo help twins John and Joanna escape their wicked step-mother and step-sister to get to the king. They went into forest, but the evil step-mother, who is a witch, curses every pool of water.

John starts to feel thirsty and he almost drinks the cursed water, but the spirit of the twins deceased mother warns them about the curse. If they drink it, they will turn into wild beasts. They find another pool of water and John is so thirsty that he drinks it. He then changes into a deer.

Cast & Characters Edit

Docktor Crocster




Evil Stepmother

Evil stepmother's daughter

Donita (Maid)

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Notes/trivia Edit

  • In the original story the twins weren't chained into mill.
  • The pool of water into forest weren't cursed by the stepmother in the original story.

In Other Languages Edit

Finnish: Veli ja Sisko

Quotes Edit

John: it's all right Joanna, don't cry.

Yoyo: Crocky,we have to do something.

Doc Croc: Just one second Yoyo.

Doc Croc: Oh now tell me friends, if she's your step-mother, what happened to your real mother ?

John: She killed her, so she could have the mill and everything for herself and her terrible daughter.

Joanna: We were very young at the time and she's kept us locked up here ever since.

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